SES Completes API Integration For International Hotel Chain

SES Identified and implemented an API integration plan for major a hotel chain which connected them to franchise partners around the world instantly. This effort resulted in a 16% increase in revenue from global partners. SES also provided a  production support team to maintain the API gateways and provide support needed to remain connected 99.999% percent of the time.

SES Completes The DevOps Remediation Plan

SES recently completed a assessment of an end to end DevOps process for a large payment company. SES examined their DevOps process, ToolChain, Quality Gating Process, and PMO Standards identifying over 100 gaps in their DevOps Process. Remediation plans were created for the top 50 gaps and an agile team of SES DevOps engineers began remediation. SES completed remediation of all 50 gaps..

SES Completes PMO Assessment For Large International Banking Organization

SES completed a 12 week PMO Assessment of a large international banking organization. SES evaluated PMO Standards, processes, and policies. SES made 22 recommendations for improvement which were adopted by the client resulting in the ability to fully implement CI/CD. SES also helped establish an Automated Quality Gating System in collaboration with the improved PMO process. The results provided technical confidence in the Automated Gating Process and CI/CD pipeline.

SES Completes Dockerization For Fortune 500 Financial Organization

SES completed a ToolChain efficiency project which required integrating a CI/CD ToolChain consisting of Get Hub, Jenkins, Docker, and Open Shift. SES provided a team of Senior ToolChain engineers to streamline and Dockerize the container process to enable Continuous Deployment. Now changes that took months to implement now only take the push of a button.

SES Completes QA Automation Assessment For Large Credit Card Company

SES recently completed a QA Automation assessment for large credit card company. SES evaluated testing processes, policies, and standards as well as made recommendations for improvement. SES built the test architecture and framework then implemented a complete suite of test automation tools. The result was; testing cycles were reduced from 45 days to 15 minutes.