Quality Assurance Program

SES was founded on a common "Commitment to Quality." The SES Quality Assurance Program is the methodology we use to ensure our Clients receive the highest quality services and the highest quality consultants. The SES Quality Assurance Program is a system of key check points designed to assure quality on any project, large or small.  Whether we have total project control or a simple flexible staffing engagement, the SES Quality Assurance Program stands behind every engagement.

Money Back Guarantee

All SES Systems Engineers (SE’s) are backed by this money back guarantee:  At any time within the first 160 hours if you are not completely satisfied with the services of any SES consultant, for any reason, notify us and the consultant will be removed, and you will not be billed for their services.

Technical Screening

SES implements a technical and professional screening process on every consultant. Before you see a candidate from SES, they have passed several technical tests, team interviews, and met with at least 2 members of our management team. 

24/7 On Call Service

Since things always seem to go wrong after midnight in IT, all SES Account Managers are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via our cell phone network to assure un-interrupted service any time you need us.

NON-Billable Account Manager

This single-point-of-contact is your personal customer service representative, responsible for assuring the quality and smooth delivery of SES services. 

Weekly Written Status Reports

One of the many ways we monitor the status of your project and prevent costly problems is by implementing and reviewing weekly written status reports from each consultant on your team. 

Regular Project Status Meetings

At SES we strive to “over-communicate” by personally meeting with key members of your team to review: project status, progress, obstacles, changes in scope, and personnel issues. 

Emergency Response Teams

This cross sectional team of seasoned IT experts is the team behind the team.  The Emergency Response Team was designed to implement quick fixes and solutions to obstacles which have grid-locked your team and prevents future progress - all at no additional charge.

Bonus Program Based on client feedback

To reinforce performance and reward excellence, each SES consultant is eligible to earn additional compensation through a bonus and incentive program based 100% on client feedback called the Peak Performance Program.