Project Solutions


Collaborative InSourcing

At SES we believe the only way to truly judge quality… is in the eyes of our Clients.  So we asked our Clients what they needed from a vendor when partnering with them on mission critical IT projects.  Our Clients said they needed…

  • A Partner Who isn’t a Threat
  • A Client-Friendly Approach
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Solid Knowledge Transfer Plans,
  • To Be Self-Sufficient at Project Completion. 

Collaborative InSourcing, the SES approach to project business, delivers all this and much more. Collaborative InSourcing systematically blends SES Managers and Systems Engineers together with the strategic management and staff of our client, to form a collaborative team, driven to the creation of higher quality solutions. 

And since the teams are blended together, things like knowledge transfer, open communications and self-sufficiency occur almost automatically. Working together, this collaborative team:

  • Co-Understands the Challenge
  • Co-Designs the Solution
  • Co-Staffs the Team
  • Co-Delivers the Results

So instead of Outsourcing your next initiative, InSource it with SES! Collaborative InSourcing… Keeping jobs in the USA.  Want to learn more? Click on the next tab and see “why it works.”



resource Development Program

THE CHALLENGE: In today’s business world, where technology needs quickly surpass IT resources, fast-growing companies face a huge challenge: How to keep pace with changing technology without the budgets or personnel with the most current skill sets. It is a constant struggle.  This shortage has delayed key initiatives, inflated salaries and increased recruiting costs for the right people with the hottest skills, which in turn placed increased pressure on IT budgets that are already strained by the economy.  Does your organization exhibit any of these symptoms?

  • Is your IT organization dependent on outside resources?
  • Do you lack the internal team to meet the demand of your users?
  • Is your team constantly operating at peak capacity, yet still behind on work?
  • Is your team fragmented across the organization/country/world?
  • Are your senior resources over worked?
  • Are you looking for strategies to become self sufficient?

THE SOLUTION: IF you answered YES to any of these questions the SES Resource Development Program (RDP) may be for you. The Resource Development Program allows your organization to grow your internal IT Staff at a Lower Average Rate per person by using a mixture of Junior and Senior Consultants. The ratio of Junior to Senior Consultants is up to you and your budget. Go as low as you need to go. Then partner with SES to develop a Custom Training Program specific to your environment to accelerate the learning curve. The Resource Development Program will produce talented developers and analysts who are trained in the client’s business and technical environments and ready for project work. Here are some of the benefits of the RDP.

  • Lower Average Costs Per Person
  • Local Team Under One Roof
  • Larger IT Staff
  • Improved Communications
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Team Building Opportunities
  • Improved Performance
  • Knowledge Transfer Plans
  • Improved Customer Loyalty
  • Custom Training Program
  • Enhanced Resource Utilization
  • Big Brother Mentoring Program
  • Home Grown Staff
  • Self Sufficient and Independent

Supporting the RDP is the SES "Big Brother Program" which allows Senior Staff to mentor Junior Staff while distributing managerial control across the organization. Home-grown US resources trained in your environment and supported by Senior Staff mentoring their daily activity. The SES Resource Development Program is your ticket to independence….



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Rural Support Centers

US Corporations are bleeding badly... Their focus is on driving down IT costs by any means possible. Many companies have turned to the silver bullet called Offshore Outsourcing. Offshore Outsourcing is a viable option in today’s market and offers cheap, skilled labor... But at what cost to the company… And at what cost to our country… Now there is a better way...

The Solution: Rural Support Centers from SES! The US Alternative to Offshore Outsourcing! Turn-key Rural Support Centers managed by SES allows you to attain a Lower Average Cost per Consultant by using US Resources and office facilities from depressed rural areas around country. SES has established remote development centers in States with the lowest income per capita and lowest cost of living. SES also uses States with the highest unemployment in the nation. This model allows our clients to reduce their costs by outsourcing their IT needs to a US corporation, improve performance and create US jobs in the process. Many state and local governments are offering tax breaks and incentive programs for jobs created in their state which can help off-set costs!

  • Control Sensitive Data
  • Lower Average Costs
  • Help Depressed Rural Areas
  • Create US Jobs
  • Support the US Economy

Be a Hero…Many small rural towns will welcome the presence of a US Company trying to create jobs in their community; and there is a Ready, Willing & Enthusiastic pool of resources who need the work. Give people the American Dream again…live in the country and still work for a large company who cares about creating American jobs in the Heartland. SES Rural Support Centers! The US alternative to Offshore Outsourcing.