IT Services

Managing an IT environment today is like sailing in a hurricane. You know it’s going to get rough and you’re going to get wet — rapid change and deployment of systems, shifting priorities and processes, new enabling technologies merged with outdated systems, roller coaster corporate earnings, recession, down-sizing, lay-offs. Lightning seems like a welcome break in the storm. The limited company resources you have are exhausted on your current workload, yet your IT to-do list continues to grow as your budgets shrink. How do you get it all done, on your terms and at your pace? There has to be a better way…

Let SES help… SES’s core capabilities in the leading technical solutions of the day, combined with the wisdom gained in your industry, gives you the balanced approach you need from a trusted IT partner. SES can help you blend the challenge of Agile Development, Open Systems, Data Analytics, Mobile Apps and Virtualization in a common sense approach that is the mark of a mature partner. To support these efforts, SES provides a complete suite of IT Services:

  • DevOps Transformation
  • Architecture
  • Agile Development and Coaching
  • Test Automation
  • CI/CD Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery
  • TDD Test Driven Development
  • PMO Automated Gating Process
  • Dockerization
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Services
  • Network Support and Services
  • Security
  • Management Consulting Services

SES services can be delivered on a project or flexible staffing basis and are all backed by a money back guarantee… Whether you’re integrating existing applications, web-enabling legacy applications, or building new ones, SES can help. Good work done little by little becomes great work. Great work is what sets SES apart from its competition. SES delivers the people, process and services to make your next IT initiative a success story. Now there is a better way….