QA Automation Assessment


QA Automation Assessment

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Assessment:  QA & Test Automation

Time Frame:  6 Weeks

Consultants:  2 Consultants

Cost:  $65,000



Assess Current State

    • Gather documentation

    • Review testing process & automation capabilities

    • Review requirements gathering processes

    • Review existing QA tool suite

    • ID existing QA process, policies & procedures

Visualize Future-State Processes

    • Define business goals and objectives

    • Define QA Automation Vision

    • ID or Define blockers & obstacles



  • QA Vision Statement

  • High Level Summary Assessment Document:

    • Business drivers & challenges

    • Strategic summary of proposed solutions

    • Recommended Best Practices

  • RoadMap – Describes the recommended approach with proposed and optional rollout approaches

  • Phase II Planning:

  • Estimated Level of Effort (LoE) to implement recommendations

  • High-Level Project Plan

  • Delivery Team – Proposed team for implementation

  • Success Criteria – Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for follow-on phase