Security Assessment


Security Assessment

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Assessment:  Cyber Security

Time Frame:  6 Weeks

Consultants:  2 Consultants

Cost:  $95,000



Assess Current State

  • Partner with Key internal resources spanning Security Compliance and Application SDLC to understand current security delivery approach

  • Identify current existing policies & procedures

  • Gather documentation including Identity and Access Management, Network and operations security protocols process in Dev and Production deploy

  • Participate in daily standups to understand culture & daily practices of security delivery and assurance

  • Audit entire tool suite spanning the security domain & provide detailed view into day to day activities & process flows

  • Review current release process in place that are both understood & enforced

  • Review software delivery model & any automated framework for deployment & testing

  • Work in conjunction with Security and Compliance Operations to understand activities, responsibilities & expectations

  • Infrastructure & Environmental review

Visualize Future Desired State

  • Develop Access and Application Security Compliance Vision Statement



  • Access and Application Security Vision Statement

  • Business Case with stated business drivers & challenges to include:

  • Current State Assessment Document

  • Future State Assessment Document

  • High Level Gap Analysis & Recommendations for process improvements

  • High Level RoadMap – Describes the recommended approach with proposed and optional rollout approaches

  • High-Level (LoE) – Level of Effort

  • High Level Project Plan – For Security Compliance Implementation

  • Staffing Plan / Delivery Team – Proposed Team for Phase II Implementation

  • 1 Day Customized Executive Workshop – Educate the Executive Teams on the Security Compliance Process, RoadMap, LoE, Project Plan & Delivery Team necessary for Implementation