Project Solutions

Systems Engineering Services Corporation is a boutique consulting firm which has been delivering project based IT Solutions for over 20 years. In fact, over 75% of our work is project-based. SES has the flexibility and scalability to deliver a single consultant for a specific engagement or a full Project Team for deliverables-based work. We believe in providing project-based solutions to our clients that will provide a high ROI for their organization and impact earnings for years to come...and it doesn't hurt if they get promoted in the process. SES can deliver project-based solutions any way you want...

  • Time & Materials
  • Fixed Price
  • Fixed Monthly Rates
  • Shared Risk
  • Remote Development Sites

Project Solutions
SES can also provide Remote Development Facilities including office space, furniture, equipment, methodologies, training, and top quality consultants to implement our solution...all for an hourly add-on rate...from a partner you can trust... No job is too small or too big for SES.