Industry Expertise

Some companies profit from their experiences, others never recover from them.... At SES we make a living helping our clients profit from our experience. For more than 20 years SES has been providing IT solutions and services to some of the largest companies in the world, and during this time we have learned many valuable lessons. First and foremost: The best advice you can get is from someone who has been there and done it... in your industry.

At SES we have earned our reputation from the school of hard knocks by implementing mission critical systems under tight deadlines and intense pressure...and we have gotten better at it each time.... and each time we have learned more and more about a select group of industries. Our proven experience in these industries has allowed our clients to profit from lessons learned and forged through practical business situations. We have never claimed to be an expert. What we have claimed to be is wiser because of the battles we have won.... and the lessons we learned in the process.

Industry ExpertiseThe most important lesson we have learned is to Collaborate with our clients. We embrace our clients as partners and turn to them for their in-depth business knowledge. Then we compliment it with our industry experience and technical expertise. Finally, we blend our teams together to create a higher caliber, more knowledgeable team capable of producing incredible results; and since the teams are blended, things like knowledge transfer and open communications happen almost automatically. From package implementation to custom development and integration, SES delivers the people, processes and industry experience to get the job done right the first time. Let SES guide you through your next industry specific solution. Experience is one thing you can't get on the easy payment plan....